And now, just because I’m a nice guy…

My secret Guacamole recipe

2-soft ripe Avocados

Heavy salt, pepper and garlic powder

(When I say heavy, I mean heavy, it has to taste salty to work)

And now the secret part that I don’t divulge when the Guacamole hater suddenly becomes a Guacamole liker

2- Tablespoons of finely shredded lettuce

It’s a simple recipe and killer good. The lettuce adds a texture to it that gets rid of the gooiness that seems to so offend some palettes. Hope someone tries it out and enjoys it. I got it as a teenager from the grandmother of a Mexican friend.  If any one else is involved in the culinary arts as I am and needs Mexican recipes, let me know. I have Huevos rancheros, enchiladas, sopapillas, tortillas and Tamales with the pork roast roasted on the grill.

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