Donations for my lovely ladies

I would like to thank all who have donated to our cause and lessened our financial burden. I did not put it out as a III to III request because that is limited to emergencies and I believe that others have more dire need than I do. The cause of freedom is not cheap and I have already spent a whole bunch to support it. Between trips to DC, supporting liberty minded causes, candidates and other patriots I have rung up quite a tab. Don’t get me wrong, I am not whining about it . It is money willingly and gladly spent.I didn’t have to spend any of it. I could have sat back on my hands and just watched and not cared, but I am not that guy. I am certain that I am going to spend even more in the future, but as we all know, freedom isn’t free. In the end I am willing to give all for the cause and that really makes the money I spend nothing more than green paper. Again a hearty thanks to all of those who have coughed up hard earned dollars to help with the fight. I know that things really suck right now (Regardless of what the media says) and money is not easy to come by. UPDATE: When the cops searched the truck the only things that they took were Brian’s badge (He is former LEO) and legally carried handgun. They took it to “Investigate it” (Make sure it was legal?) and locked it up as evidence. He was not there when the search took place and was told that the gun was not part of the obstruction case and he could pick it up whenever. This morning Stacy called the Pinellas county states attorney to make arrangements to pick the gun up and was told that it was now part of the case against her. Scumbags.

2 responses to “Donations for my lovely ladies

  1. Thanks for the update. Ditto on scumbags.

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