Obamacare fail : Less than 4 million newly insured


The administration expected 26 million newly insured and only ended up with less than 4 million. It would seem that the dear leaders faithful minions have balked at being ordered to buy a product by the government. I guessed they missed the fact that deep down inside a lot of us are still Americans. We still believe that we run the government and not the other way around.  There is still residing in us the spirit that when push comes to shove, we will bite our nose off to spite our face. Oh yeah, then we will spit it at you.     You know I broke my hand and finger a while back. I did it really good and knocked one of my fingers right off the knuckle. I got it out of bondage last Monday and by Wednesday night I am pretty sure that I broke it again. Do I have insurance? Hell no. I man up and pay the bill. So far I am about $400.00 in with getting it set, Xrays and check ups.    I don’t care about the money, right now it is a matter of principle. I am already spending money to fight these bastards so why not a few bucks more?   So I might risk my life if I get a major illness; Big deal, there is a good chance that I might be risking my life here shortly anyway. I really am a dumb ass at times. I am the only guy I know that runs TO the sound of gunfire.

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