Gun store that posted anti Obama sign has it’s bank funding pulled

tactical firearms sign (big)

This is going to be the new gun control push; not funding sellers and manufacturers. TA needs help, not just monetarily, but also people to call the bank that pulled their funding. Hell, don’t just call them, show up if you live near there.  Go to their page ,linked below for the whole story.     I talked to the owner this morning and as of July 1st, 30 families are going to lose their income when they close their doors. We are in this together and we need to help each other. If you can’t donate then please call the bank number listed on their site. Pass this info to all your friends.

5 responses to “Gun store that posted anti Obama sign has it’s bank funding pulled

  1. Got it, and it’s now up on GBBL… Thanks for the heads up and link!

  2. Copied from another site, but is authentic…

    Response by Mark Evans to Tactical Firearms Letter of June 20, 2014 First of all, I want to make it clear that my response below is made only on behalf of myself and my firearms store in far northwest Houston. While I serve on the Board of Directors for Icon Bank of Texas, N.A., I am not authorized to speak on their behalf and they have legal counsel who will assist them in that regard. Next, I would like to apologize to my colleague of the same name, Mark Evans, whom I believe is a lawyer for Bracewell & Giuliani, and whose title and email address and phone number were listed in Jeremy Alcede’s letter. Perhaps a Google search gone wrong, but certainly in line with the problems Mr. Alcede has with the facts. Finally, to all the customers of Tactical Firearms who have sent me messages at Jeremy’s behest, I understand and applaud your customer loyalty. You saw a passionate appeal by a business owner in your community that claimed to be under attack by President Obama and a local community bank and an evil attorney, and many of you decided to help him out by sending emails or letters, or making phone calls, to me or the bank or the attorney general, or the incorrect persons and emails listed in Jeremy’s letter. Remember, there are always two sides to every story, and sometimes more, and while I realize that many of you took Jeremy at his word and not knowing me, or the bank, or my law firm, or my gun store, you assumed he was being truthful in his assertions. So let me encourage you to do some research on your own. I am confident that if you read documents recorded in the public records, including the Harris County District Clerk’s web site, and speak to any of the several dozen former employees (and a few current employees), you will get a much more accurate picture of Jeremy and his business operations. I found it fairly ironic that he began his letter talking about how Tactical prides itself in being honest with its customers. After that opening sentence, there are misstatements of fact throughout his letter. The facts about his foreclosure are in the public record now, if you want to examine foreclosure or lien documents recorded in connection with his loans. Banks are held in the same low regard as gun stores by the current administration and many in Congress, and their actions are so closely scrutinized by various government agencies, that it would be ludicrous for them to target a gun store or any type of customer and try to put them out of business. He says the board of directors chose not to renew the loan, and this is also not true, but I will attribute it to a lack of knowledge of the banking industry. Bank boards do not make decisions on foreclosures. They entrust bank management to that task, and while I was not involved in this particular bank’s decision making process, I can tell you that banks in general DO NOT WANT TO FORECLOSE ON REAL ESTATE OR OTHER ASSETS OF THEIR CUSTOMERS. Banks are in the business of earning fees and interest income on their loans, and not in the business of owning real estate, or equipment or inventory. In fact, the government regulators consider it a bad thing when banks start having too many OREO properties (Other Real Estate Owned, the name for foreclosed properties taken back by banks), and banks feel the pressure to sell those properties as soon as possible and get back to the business of lending and deposits. As to the claims of anti-trust violations by me, I never met Jeremy while I was a customer at his store, but I assume that he gathered information about me and created this conspiracy theory that I am working in conjunction with my law firm, my bank, his business partner, and I guess President Obama, to specifically target him and put him out of business. I don’t consider his store a competitor of mine. We have a small new shop in far Northwest Houston, nowhere near his Katy store, and we don’t have a range operation or sell the level of inventory he claims to sell. No comparison can be made, and I certainly am not involved with any of these parties in an attempt to drive him out of business. In fact, as a bank shareholder, I am much more likely to lose money in the form of share value reduction when loans do not pay as agreed and management has to move forward with foreclosure procedures. Most banks end up losing money when this happens. There are several other Katy area gun stores who may benefit if Tactical closes, but I don’t expect we will benefit much some 20 to 30 miles away. In my experience, most firearms customers shop within a few miles of their homes. To lump us in with Obama was a smoke screen that Jeremy apparently threw up to hide the truth about his business practices and current situation, and I don’t know if he thought it might actually help get him some grass roots support that might lead to finding a white knight investor to help him, or if he just decided he wanted to strike out at third parties and take other people down with him.

  3. Obama: Funny & Frank

    (1) Barack-coli: a vegetable or a national plague!
    (2) Obama Coffee: grounds for impeachment!
    (3) Obama’s favorite candy: Mecca Wafers!
    (4) Proverbs 17:7 (NIV): “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”
    (5) When Obama says we’re on the cutting edge of history, he must be thinking about beheadings!
    (6) New Nursery Rhyme: Obaba Black Sheep keeps pulling the wool over our eyes!
    (7) The southwest is running out of water, but Obama is helping with his surplus of wet*****!
    (8) Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”
    (9) Obama is an expert on beheading. After lunch he tells his secretary: “I’ll be heading back to the golf course!”
    (10) Uncle Sam hasn’t built the border fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals. I repeat, Uncle Sam hasn’t built the White House fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals – and they’re now inside the White House!
    (11) Proverbs 30:21, 22 (NIV): “the earth…cannot bear up [under] a servant who becomes king.”
    (12) We’ve gone from America’s Declaration of “unalienable rights” to Obama’s Proclamation of ALIENable rights!
    (13) The nicest words Obama could repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

    (For more on the Obamas, Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

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