Video of Las Vegas shooters shooting each other

I would make a funny about clean up in aisle 3 but none of it is funny. Not this husband and wife shooting each other as they died for their cause. Not the cops getting gunned down in Cicis and not the guy that got gunned down trying to stop them. These are a bunch of wasted lives and each one for a cause. The main problem I see with it is there is a fair chance that they were all on the same side.

5 responses to “Video of Las Vegas shooters shooting each other

  1. I saw nothing there that would require clean up in isle 3. Nor did I see any jerkyness in his body when she shot him?

    • Neither did I. The narrative states that she just shot him; But where? I am going to watch it again. Now reports are saying a cop shot him just before she did

      • LadyRavenSDC

        I heard two entirely different stories – so what is any of it worth – again because I ain’t seein any blood in particular.
        1. He got shot as they ran to that room. Inside he then shot her, then himself.
        2. None of the above, just that she shot him, then herself.

      • Definitely can see the muzzle discharge. Should be even greater on a pistol as the shorter barrel burns less of the powder than a rifle. Hmm.. They wouldn’t do that….

    • I shoot a lot. I have never had a gun recoil sideways as hers did. It appears to be upright and recoils sideways instead of up. I also can see no muzzle flash or smoke. I posted a vid a few weeks back where I discharged a rifle indoors. Think I will look at it for flash and smoke.

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