Call me paranoid…


So, here is where things stand with me…… I have told a couple of people who have contacted me to exercise due caution because I am fairly certain that all of my communications are compromised. This all started in 2010 after a trip to DC, which was our 5th within a year.   On this particular trip we had been photographed and filmed and had some up close and personal time with a Fed who was pretending to be a conservative activist. It was very obvious who he was by his questioning and the fact that all he was filming were peoples faces instead of the event.   We had a meeting with Michelle Bachman and an aide afterwards about organizing some  further events. While in the building, there were capitol police snapping pictures of everyone who came in and we once again got our smiling faces on film.     After finishing our business in DC we returned to Florida and got back to life as normal. About a week after coming back my business was mysteriously broken into. According to the Sheriffs Dept. they responded to an alarm call and found the building unlocked. They stayed in the building for 4 hours because they couldn’t find anyone to lock it up. Around 7:00 A.M. they finally contacted our office manager who came in and locked up. They said that they had called all kinds of numbers, including a couple of our customers, to find someone to lock the building up.    So, here is where it goes south. There are 2 numbers that the alarm company calls before they call the police. One is the office manager and the other is mine and neither one was ever called. In their panic to secure the building, they didn’t do what the citizens on patrol routinely do. They try the door and if it is unlocked they go in, lock it behind them and go out the back door with the alarm screaming.   When I arrived at work I found that my computer was booted up and logged on.This is the computer that all of my nefarious anti .Gov work is done on and it had not been left on the night before.   I started checking my security settings and found that my router was wide open and anybody in the world could jump on my network; no password or WEP key needed.     Judy, our office manager must have been told something by the cops, because she acted like a freaked out cat in the following days and quit 2 weeks later. She was really frazzled and started bringing her cross and bible into work with her everyday and looked like she was having a nervous breakdown.     So now let’s fast forward to 2013. In late 2013 the power company called our office and informed us that they would need to shut the power off to the building because they were installing a smart meter. They did not give a date for the shut down but said it would be in the next month or so and would only be for an hour.  A couple of weeks later, the device pictured above appeared on the power pole in my parking lot. It had been installed sometime during the night and greeted me the following morning.   I of course checked the power  meter and the same one as always was there. It even had the over spray on it from when the building was painted.  In the following weeks I had all my men, and myself, on the look out for another such device as I have, and to date not another one has been spotted.  It seems that I own the only one in town.    About a month ago I had a big wig tech guy from the cable company out here and asked him if it was their hardware. He assured me that it was not and told me it was a 3G capture device.  He also commented that I must be a pretty popular guy. Hmmmm……   So has it stopped me? No, it has not even slowed me down. Does it mean that I am on their list? Yes, I believe it does, but I will not stop speaking the truth.  Will they get me in the end? Well they may, but then I will have a captive audience to speak truth to and truth is a powerful thing.    If I am correct about this, it could explain why 9 squad cars showed up when someone called the cops on me one night. The whole street was lined with squad cars.  Made me feel kind of special, you know ? All of this for me? I must be a dangerous man…….

8 responses to “Call me paranoid…

  1. We are all dangerous men & women. I believe you to be “special” danger! Let’s give you that as a new moniker! Special danger!
    Aside from that silliness – DAMN!

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  2. Special danger, I like that. It has a James Bond feel to it. This little diddy below was kind of in reference to the situation
    It clamps my heart hard in it’s hand
    Trying to stifle
    The pulsing beat
    Stop my breath
    My words
    My truth
    But I can’t
    I have to speak
    I can’t stop the river
    That flows
    It is truth
    And truth be told
    No matter what the cost

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  3. intimacywithjesus

    Ah, Special Danger…I like it too!
    I’m a nobody from nowhere (I’m certainly not rich) and I’ve gotten maybe two or three investigation letters from the IRS over the last few years. Hmmm…
    I’ve since learned to stop using my real name in my online protestations! Time for the underground resistance! Welcome to the new Amerika!


  4. Reblogged this on Louisiana Jeff and commented:
    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


  5. You will probably be handed off to a local fusion center as well. You might even get the full gang stalking treatment. truly stasi level crap.


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