Mike Pence sells out, proposes medicaid expansion


So much for Pence. Apparently he is just a Pol like Rick Perry. Where is the guy who writes the books and makes all the speeches about the role of the federal government? That’s the guy we want, but apparently he doesn’t actually exist; He is only on paper and a work of fiction.   I met Pence at the 2cnd TEA party march in DC in 2010 and he talked just as his speeches went. Apparently talk is cheap and the only thing cheaper is a career politician. Really makes my Friday.

3 responses to “Mike Pence sells out, proposes medicaid expansion

  1. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    It’s going to take physically dragging them out of their offices rope and lightposts. Sooner or later you have to wake up people. That’s the only way this changes when every single person in government power today is forcibly removed and replaced with patriots and the restoration of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I know nobody wants to hear that but we need to face this.

  2. You are singing to the choir. There are no statesmen left, just the sell out politicians

  3. Politicians will always sell out when the unions, megabanks and megacorps (the ones that want cheap labor from illegals or chinese prisoners) can finance their campaigns, and receive kickbacks from them.

    Politicians should either stand on their own merits, or not stand at all.

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