Piss poor Monday morning

I had a fight with Betty last night and got the worse end of it. Betty is my left hand. She sits around and holds stuff for my manly hand that has all the power.  Last night I was driving a door post into the ground with a 20 Lb. dumbell while standing on top of a ladder and beat the holy hell out of Betty.  (Did I tell you how smart I was, what with my big brain and all?)  Looks like I rolled my ring finger out of socket sideways. Before it got too swollen to bend, it would cross over my palm when I bent it. Sucks for me. Talk about a crappy nights sleep.    Of course this had to happen on what appears to be the busiest week I have had in probably 3 years. Go figure.      May I, from my misery, wish all… A better Monday than I am having. Regards.

3 responses to “Piss poor Monday morning

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  2. Poor Betty. Poor, poor Betty! And they say payback is a bitch. My guess is tomorrow will be tough…more tough. :- (


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