Her hair has been shorn
Her face cut and bruised
Her flowing gown torn
The beauty once in her eyes
Drone strikes
Warrant less searches
Roadblocks and pat downs
Eaves dropping
Secret eyes and ears
Always listening
Always watching
Be careful what you do
Or they may come after you
Swat teams and armored cars
Men clad in black
Weapons at the ready
Waiting to attack
They have her now
Cold shackles hold her hands
Her breath is low and shallow
Seems that death
Is now at hand

5 responses to “Execution

  1. I believe the motherly instinct to protect her young will put more women on the front line in this war to come than might be expected. Lord help us to be strong. I will reblog this poem soon – it needs to be put in the collective consciousness as gov will not spare them.

  2. Concerned American


    send me a note at wrsa@hushmail.com pls

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