Censored on a poetry site

A poetry site? Really?
My words and thoughts are so much more inappropriate
Than the others?
Fearful that I might subvert the poets?
Tear them from their pain and longing
Steal their happy moments
With my words
You have no idea how your cowardice pisses me off
You in your fear cannot stop words
Or thoughts
I spit on your sniveling censorship
I will take my things and leave
My closet full of wrinkled poems
And all you will hear are my footsteps
Out the door

4 responses to “Censored on a poetry site

  1. Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    I am INCREDIBLY far behind reading what are my “must” read daily blog sites, yours included! I get the em notification every time you post something new. This morning I saw the heading of this piece when it came in and HAD to read it!
    Correct me if you think I am wrong but you are the target, obviously, of world class PCism!
    “Politically Correct – a term used for whiney, overly-sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated for them.”
    Compliments of -> http://elevenbravotwenty.blogspot.ca/2014/03/pc.html

  2. Loved this! I can’t prove it, but I wouldn’t be surprised that some of my poetry submissions have been rejected merely because my word didn’t jibe with their ideology. Any form of conservatism and poetry is a hard swallow for a lot of people.

    • It’s funny though, poetry is one of the places that I cross lines with people. I guess when you have emotion, feeling or pain, it doesn’t matter which side you are on. Aside from being censored, I have only had one instance where someone spouted off about a piece I wrote. Glad you liked the piece and thanks for dropping in.

  3. Oh, and I see that you don’t moderate comments.

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