Tensions on the rise in Conn. after Tyrants names and addresses published


“Tensions continue to rise in Connecticut, as the home addresses of the legislators who voted for the ban have been posted on numerous web sites and forums. Many of the legislators are now calling for police protective details, regarding the publication of their home addresses as a threat to their safety.”

What’s wrong? Afraid of a few angry gun owners that you have made into felons? You are the ones who made them criminals; You have said it. Now you have to hope that some criminal doesn’t torch your house in the middle of the night and shoot whatever comes running out. It may not even be someone from your state. The affront that you have done is grievous enough that some “Whack job”  (formerly law abiding citizen) may travel in from elsewhere to help. Will your fear be enough to frighten you from tyranny? No, probably not. Instead you will consume enormous amounts of state resources to protect yourself and double down on your tyranny. Here’s wishing you the best from the iii.

3 responses to “Tensions on the rise in Conn. after Tyrants names and addresses published

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  2. They could be well protected in a jail cell. That is were treasonous people belong. Either tha, or hanging at the end of a noose.


  3. Odd I thought all votes by the leggiscritters were made public just after the vote was taken. Or did someone just find them on the states web site!! LOL But it is OK to publish firearms owners names and address and leave us unprotected without a special detail.


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