iii to iii

   It is easy sometimes to lose sight of what we are truly fighting for; Sometimes the battle may obscure the objective. We get lost in preparing and planning and forget where we are truly trying to go.    I have been reminded as of late what that objective is. I asked for help recently from the iii percent community and received an overwhelming show of support .  That out pouring of support made me realize again the objective of the battle and why I am willing to stand and fight.   In the end what we stand to lose is our common decency as a nation and the standard that once made America great.  We stand to lose our love of freedom and individuality based upon a moral compass that steers us toward goodness. We stand to lose the greatness that was achieved through the sacrifice of brave and benevolent men who’s honor came before their lives.    These are the things that are truly being threatened as our nation is transformed into a moral neutral, transgendered, emasculated shadow of itself. It is the very essence of American greatness that they are trying so hard to wash away. It is brave and honorable men that they strive to eradicate because  a justly righteous man has no fear and will not bow before them. It is the soul of our nation, our souls as a people that are in peril. It is the spirit of the free man that they must conquer to prevail in the end.  That is the fight. Our very nation is at stake, our culture and our civilization as a whole.     Personal tragedy comes to us all at one time or another and I am glad that at the time of mine, good men had my back. I am proud to be a member or the iii community and I will stand upon those principles until I fall. I will conduct myself in such a manner that it is unmistakable that I am an American.   I think that says it all. 

4 responses to “iii to iii

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  2. Beautifully expressed

  3. Perfect! General Douglas MacArthur said; “I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” and a liberal called him a traitor.
    Truer words are hard to find because surely the enemy is within.

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