Creepy uncle Sam does Obamacare rectal exam

New Obamacare enrollee gets the treatment from creepy Uncle Sam.

6 responses to “Creepy uncle Sam does Obamacare rectal exam

  1. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Opt out..Starve the Beast…Don’t structure your taxes so you get any money back so the IRS can’t fine you…Civil Disobedience is the way forward.

  2. Something you may/may not be aware of.
    This website has been documenting since September, the solicitations for bids, now purchases being made by gov/CDC, for vaccines+++ in preparation of a bird flu pandemic here in America.

    Talk about CREEPY! There are about a dozen videos that again, document, the preparations being made.
    This latest one produced yesterday is a continuation and update of the original video where CDC was going out to bid for syringes to be used in the – what looks like will be a “mandatory” vaccination of every person in America.

    This is the original video – titled –
    [H7N9] ALL Americans Will Get Two Experimental Vaccinations

    My inquiries in the medical field say they have no notifications at this time of this pandemic here/coming. That does not mean it is not/will not.

    VERY disturbing is the use of an “adjuvant” that has caused Narcolepsy in some. America turned into a bunch of zombies?

    My personal belief is that while all this preparation looks like a good thing, wouldn’t we want CDC to be prepared? – it has a feel about it as if the gov plans on using it sooner rather than later. A false flag op that would go a long way in putting a huge scare “control” on the public.

    • I think that SARS showed how ridiculous the preparations are. They couldn’t even slow it down. Maybe it is a good thing that most of my preps consist of 50 yd. zombie kills.LOL

      • “how ridiculous the preparations are” – points to it being even more ludicrous that gov is going to the EXTENSIVE lengths they are going to – which again points to (IMO) a false flag op intended to shut this country down.

      • and it was the 1st thing this administration attempted with the swine flu

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