The serpent has mingled with my blood

As she devours me,

I become her lover

Half lidded eyes

closed with numbness

My body tingles

from her touch

She has me paralyzed

She has left me speechless

Her poison

runs through my veins

I can feel her all over my body

She has become I

And I she

I can feel myself

becoming dead

yet alive

Becoming, Soil, water and sky

All things and none

My soon to be widow

lays across my bed

And Weeping Mary, weeps

As I  leave her

for another lover

I am afraid to close my eyes

19 hours in the ER, 3 days in the hospital, 25 vials of anti- venin,  2 1/2 months recovery. Getting your hand out of the way in time……Priceless.  Kids don’t try this at home, we are professionals.

4 responses to “Snakebite

  1. THAT is scary! And my minds eye (from your other writings of her) see’s Mary having gone sword to sword with the “other” lover.

  2. Repeat – THAT is scary!

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