Eric Cantor vows serious investigation into NSA leak : Intel officials overheard saying Snowden should be “Disappeared”

A group of intelligence officials were overheard yesterday discussing how the National Security Agency worker who leaked sensitive documents to a reporter last week should be ‘disappeared.’

Foreign policy analyst and editor at large of The Atlantic, Steve Clemons, tweeted about the ‘disturbing’ conversation after listening in to four men who were sitting near him as he waited for a flight at Washington’s Dulles airport

This is the America we now live in. The powers that be have been exposed for what they are and they are not happy about it. Snowden now has to worry about that knock comes on his door; Nacht Und Nebel.  Night and fog.  Sound familar ?     “The Night and Fog Decree, issued by Hitler in 1941 and disseminated along with a directive from Keitel, was operated within the conquered territories in the West (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands). The decree allowed those “endangering German security” to be seized and made to disappear without trace. Keitel’s directive stated that “efficient intimidation can only be achieved either by capital punishment or by measures by which the relatives of the criminal and the population do not know his fate.”    That is what we are, conquered territory. It is not Obama or the Democrats; It is the federal government.  It is out of control and now has a life of it’s own. Both parties are in on it and will do whatever they can to perpetuate it’s power because it’s power is their power.   What the federal government was supposed to be was representatives from each state and the president.  Collectively they would govern national affairs and protect the country.   What we now have are endless layers of bureaucracy that would make Kafka marvel. Bureaucracies  such as the EPA and the ATF that are able to make “rules” that carry the weight of law and are not able to be overturned by congress because congress empowered those agencies when they created them. This has even been upheld by the SCOTUS in their decision on the clean air act. (Traitorous  lot that they are)   Yes we are conquered territory. Maybe Nacht Und Nebel has not been enumerated yet but it is here in spirit .The federal government is actively targeting dissenters with the IRS, targeting reporters for prosecution, singling out news organizations that don’t agree with them and collecting information on us all.    Our freedom is gone; We are subjects of the federal government. The government has found out that someone let their secrets out and they are not happy about it. They will attempt to make the consequences as severe as possible.This is only the start.    Be careful what you say…Comrade.

3 responses to “Eric Cantor vows serious investigation into NSA leak : Intel officials overheard saying Snowden should be “Disappeared”

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    “Disappeared”… I think most of Congress, and a few other leaders should just disappear. On their own. Without anyone’s help. Just quit, leave, give up, go away, stop, cease and desist.

  2. Eric Cantor will (LMAO) do something (LMAO) “serious.” LMAO! If this were not so God damned serious I would really be laughing. Cantor won’t do a thing that will have any teeth.

  3. It doesn’t matter what you say. All you have to do is piss off the wrong person and they will “see something, say something”. They will denounce you to the Thought Police. Bingo, some child porn shows up on your computer and you are whisked away…

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