DNA testing is not like finger printing. Can you tell if someone is Jewish by a finger print?

It seems that many people are not even bothered by the SCOTUS decision on DNA swabbing after an arrest.  They are falling back on the argument that DNA testing is just modern finger printing. The problem is that DNA reveals a lot more about a person than a finger print does.It shows if you are black or white or , perhaps, Jewish.  Your family members can be identified, your medical predispositions and more. Researchers recently discovered the gene that makes a person predisposed to be a liberal.      http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/10/28/researchers-liberal-gene-genetics-politics/      Is this the kind of information we want compiled into a giant database that is controlled by an all powerful government?    I don’t know about you , but I don’t think it too far fetched for the government to single out opposition members and persecute them. You won’t even  have to show opposition; All you will have to do is have the gene that gives you a trait undesirable to the powers that be. Maybe you lack the liberal gene or maybe you are Jewish or whatever group they want to suppress.    Now that the bar has been lowered on obtaining DNA it will certainly go even lower. I would say that we can anticipate the day in the future  when we will need a national ID card and a DNA swab to go along with it to prove our identity.       Justice Roberts is a true scum bag and his most recent decisions, have set us upon a course that will end only in tyranny or war. In the end when the fall of our republic happens, history I am sure will judge him as one of the causes of our great catastrophe. You wonder sometimes how a free society can slip into totalitarianism without a shot fired. I say look around and you have the answer.

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