The Obama regime: Lessons in how to grow a police state

A police state is about one thing and one thing only ; control. In order to be in control you must first control everything around you. You must control the vote, the political opposition, the media, the armed forces, and lastly the dissenters.   The Obama regime is well on it’s way to achieving those goals. It is obvious to anyone who has eyes that the media is in the bag; Especially so after the Friday secret briefing of hand picked reporters. . They will report what they are told to report or they will not have access to the white house.   Political enemies are now being targeted by the IRS as well. There is a growing scandal involving the targeting of TEA party and patriot groups as well as Jewish groups by the IRS. Don’t make waves or you will be denied tax exempt status or worse.   The military leadership is now being purged for reasons known only to the regime. Top Generals and admirals are dropping like flies (The link is only a partial list) and Christians are being targeted for court martial. .   Lastly the people themselves must be controlled and then the dissenters.  In order to do that you must compile information on them and their activities.  You must have the apparatus in place to garner all that information and catalog it. .    Then you must able to identify the dissenters and eventually quell them.      I think that you can read what this all spells. Couple these things with the gun control push, DHS and it’s armor and ammo, TSA and it’s ever expanding power , voter fraud, welfare voters who will vote for their check, and tell me with a clear conscience that I am a whacked out conspiracy theorist.

The war is not only coming; It is already here. Time flies to the end game.

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