Lost Irish soul

He has gone past

being a  man

He has transcended life

and crossed over

though he is still


His works and dreams



Though he doesn’t know

He has become

a fragile shell

Holding the vestiges

of life

of family

to the end

He has faded

in the pain


by the unfightable enemy


I stopped in to see him

on St. Paddy’s day

I hoped that he could make that party

that he wanted to attend

But it was not to be

If I could turn back time

by a week, I would

Just a week

All the man wanted

was a damn St. Paddy’s day party

He has become

one of the lost Irish souls

for on St. Paddy’s day

we are all Irish

At least

that is what he told me

I lift one for you tonight

Happy St. Paddy’s day

and goodbye to one damn good Irishman

5 responses to “Lost Irish soul

  1. I knew a man like that once… one damn good Irishman. Are there any others left?


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this tribute to your friend, a damn good Irishman. who wished to attend just one more St. Paddy’s Day party. He held “onto the vestiges of life, of family, to the end.” Beautiful, memorable words for this Irish soul. I never knew your friend, but I have seen and known that same indomitable, Irish spirit. Thank you for a beautiful tribute.


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