They defy us now

I know that most Americans have  been waiting and  hoping that this will all go away; Somehow get better, become normal, and that we could all go about our lives . We hoped that this could be erased from our memory and that we could  just go about our business.   All we want to do is live those American lives that we desire; Peaceful and productive lives that require no thought and are unhindered by outside influence  All we want to do is make money, make peace, make families and make them good families.     Unfortunately it is not unfolding that way . Our lives, our very way of life, has become permanently disrupted. Our liberties as defined in the constitution and claimed by us as God given rights, are under assault.  We have been left with no choice;  It is up to us. There is no cavalry arriving  except ourselves;  Men and women dedicated to the cause of liberty and the constitution; To freedom .    They defy us now, they claim rights over us that they do not have; Powers not granted, illegal and without representation.They sit in congress and refuse to represent the people that sent them, They pass gun control bills, they pass the NDAA, the patriot act and other onerous bills. Their intent is now becoming clear; They don’t represent us, we are just the the little people and after we elect them   they will do whatever keeps them elected.    Our representation has been removed through corruption and  our recourse has been absolved through influence.     We have no choices left. Our voice has been stifled, strangled by the system , so far past any form of change.   We must do what we must do.    I desire nothing more than peace and dread the thought of war; But as an American I see no other choice. As a man of honor, I can only say that I will take this fight on; I cannot turn away, I will not turn away. You will not take my guns or rights or my dignity; I cannot permit that.    I will fight, fight until you kill me,  kill me dead;  And After you kill me others will fight in my stead. You don’t know what you have birthed, we are men that have taken an oath to die for freedom.     I will die for freedom, where ever it is. So help me god . I will fight for honor, and die for it. I will fight and die for the constitution of the United states of America.    Let me put this in no uncertain terms :  Violate the constitution at your own hazard.  I personally will take arms against you if you do so. I will give my life, thrown against the machine, if it comes to that. Your own life will become a hazard.   My life will be gone, but for a cause worthy of dying for.      Liberty or death. By liberty we live, by slavery we die. I do not couch terms here. I fight for liberty or die. Come for my liberty and I will stake my life on it.   Got that ?  The fight is on.

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