The road to war part III

The real root of the problem here is the two party system. The Republicans are our only alternative to the leftists in power. They are doing nothing but playing politics as usual, so far out of touch and so far removed from the real America that they have no clue that a revolution is brewing beneath their feet. As the federal government and various states move in to extinguish our god given rights, those in power in D.C. position for re-election.    Rand Paul? He is not a republican. He is a RINO in it’s purest form. He had to take the branding to get elected. If what he represents were Republican ideals, we surely would not be in the predicament that we find ourselves in now. I appreciate his fight and laud his efforts, but I think they are pointless.   There is a small glimmer of hope in me that he will awaken enough people, that this bitter cup will be taken from our lips; But it is small.   The process is so broken, so far from what it is supposed to be that I feel deep down that it is beyond fixing. While they drone on (No pun intended) and argue about how many more of our rights are to be absolved, new bills of rights are being fielded and plans are being laid for the post revolution government. That is how far out of touch they are.     I am sure that DHS has picked up on the chatter ,but they mechanically and coldly view it through the eyes of threat assessment. It doesn’t get the real flavor of the reality; We now live in an America where people are making plans for a post revolution government.  Everyone knows that something is coming; We can feel it in our bones, like creeping chill. Everyone is preparing knowing that what is coming is not good. Everyone but them, they sit up there in their ivory castle oblivious to the storm building outside.  Dark clouds are on the horizon my friends. Hope for the best and prepare for he worst. It has already started, they just don’t know it yet .   Tempis Fugit

9 responses to “The road to war part III

  1. This is not the title. For some odd reason, It would not post with the title “The road to war part III.” It showed that it was published on my logged in site, but when I went directly to the webpage it wasn’t there. Censorship perhaps? If this page disappears you will find it on blogger. If I disappear, well that’s a different matter.

  2. My opinion on RINOS. There are some just clueless dumb asses for sure, but many who have sold out to the ROP (religion of power) are as intent on cutting us off at the knees as the Dems are. There is no question in my mind as I think about the bits and pieces of hope (Romney) they held out to us these last months only to have it snatched away by just enough R’s to give it to liberals. Some times more than enough! The three most recent examples, the cliff , Hagel, Brenner.

    Those tidbits were meant to provide distraction and coverage for other schemes and dealings going on simultaneously. To keep our eye on one ball, while they play with others on the sideline. We are only fooling ourselves if we think they are just spineless. We need to take that word out of our lexicon and see them for what they are – cold, calculating power hungry traitors. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Yes, we feel it in our bones something is coming. Some horrifying proof you may not have seen.

  3. I put it on Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler site – they have huge following. Views have gone up by 2,000 today alone – whether AIR the reason or not I don’t know, all I know is – it should scare the hell out of people no matter the party affiliation.

  4. At this point, the Republicrats are a vestigial appendage of the Democans. Their assigned (neo-con) role is to defend the Pentagon budget, keep Israel on the map, and sucker Whites and Rightists into voting for a system that is grinding them to a powder…while conceding everything else to the collectivists. Fortunately for us, the welfare/warfare State is financed by by trillions in debt, and monetization of same by the Federal Reserve. It is a gigantic Ponzi scheme, and all such schemes collapse. I think most of us (and them) can feel the pyramid’s guywires humming and straining right now. That’s why the too-late, desperate gun-grab by the Regime. Der sturm ist bekommt.

  5. You are telling the truth. Men and women who want our guns. Need to be voted out or tossed out. Thank you for your thoughts on a important topic.

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