Why they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers

I don’t take many vows as I am a man who keeps his word and too many oaths would be indefensible.  But one that I did take was an oath to defend this country when I was only 8 years old. I remember the day as yesterday. My father, a good and honorable man, swore me in to the civil defense. He swore me in because he was the head of it; The local chapter that was charged with safe guarding the  community. The head of a bunch of men armed with Springfield 1903′ s that would make sure that we were safe in emergencies or war. This was back in a time when citizens could be trusted with homeland security. War veterans mostly filled the ranks recruited from the VFW.      He was an obvious choice as commander , as he was of the local VFW also, a strapping man of 6′ 1″ who commanded the respect of all he met. A Vet who fought honorably in WW II . Fought, survived, continued and gave all that he had, not just there but in all of his life.    I got to drive with him that day in an open top civil defense jeep, both wearing white helmets emblazoned with the logo on the side.  We went to the local depot where all the equipment and vehicles were stored. Inside it also housed a small office. We went into the depot which was stacked high with logo-ed boxes and canary yellow electronic devices and he took me into the office.  He filled out the affirmation form and had me raise right hand and repeat the words after him. When I was done he patted me and told me I was now a member of the civil defense and I would be responsible to help defend and protect our state and country.   Now I understand that  an oath that you take when you are 8 really isn’t binding, even though it did make a great impression on me.  But the oath isn’t the whole story, Afterwards, we parked the jeep and stowed the equipment and got in our sky blue station wagon and headed home. On the way I asked him a question about the oath, There was a part in it that read that you would not join any group political or otherwise, that would attempt to violently overthrow the government. I wanted to know why anyone would want to do that.     He told me that the commies always wanted to overthrow the government, but that was basically a pipe dream as they were much outnumbered by men like himself.  He went on to say that the only real chance that it would ever be attempted would be if the government ever attempted to ban guns.    He then looked over at me very seriously and said ” When you get older don’t ever register your guns, not even if they pass a law, none of mine ever will be”   He went on tho explain that they had to know who had guns and how many to be able to try and take them.         I never forgot either one of those things from that day and they both had a profound effect on me.  It definitely deepened my sense of patriotism but it was also my first realization as a child that the country and the government weren’t the same.   I also took another oath that day under my breath; That I would never register any guns and I would never allow the government to take them.   I wish dad was still around because I think I would get patted on the shoulder again, as I did that day, for what I am about to say…….. MOLON LABE

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