Explosives manufacturing in the news : Is that the sound of S starting to HTF?

It is one thing when you tell someone how many people have been busted recently manufacturing explosives. It is entirely another when you gather news headlines to give them a visual; And that is exactly what I have done. Below is a collection of recent headlines concerning  explosives manufacturing. The majority are not criminal types, a couple are on our side for sure and at least 2 are recent vets.  Most of the headlines are recent, January or February,  and I included dates with all of them.     All these articles made me ask a few  questions. First, what are all of these people planning on doing with these devices? They obviously have some sort of plan for these or they wouldn’t have made them. Secondly, If these are the people getting busted, then how many are out there not getting caught? I have a feeling that it is like pot grow houses; There are 1000 operating for everyone that gets caught.  Lastly who’s side are they on? I suspect that both sides are laying plans right now.       Now everyone has been waiting for the shit to hit the proverbial fan and I think it is starting. (I also lost  power in my neighborhood a couple of hours ago and had to go scope it out and see if it was widespread or local, if that gives you any insight)  Most people expect the scenario to come suddenly in one fell poop (Sorry, couldn’t help it,part of me never got out of the 7th grade) but history shows otherwise.    There is always a series of events that lead up to it. Those events don’t just happen; They shape and change the climate and bring about other events. It was a full decade between the Boston massacre and the first shots of the revolution, but the massacre inexorably set us on the course to a full scale shooting war.     It is not only  events either that bring revolutions on either , but ideas, opinions and feelings. We humans are not only smart, we are also an emotional lot. Make us feel like we are being oppressed and you will piss us off. Piss us off enough and we will revolt. An affidavit from John Parker follows:

I, John Parker, of lawful Age, and Commander of the Militia in Lexington, do testify and declare, that on the 19th Instant in the Morning, about one of the Clock, being informed that there were a Number of Regular Officers, riding up and down the Road, stopping and insulting People as they passed the Road; and also was informed that a Number of Regular Troops were on their March from Boston in order to take the Province Stores at Concord, ordered our Militia to meet on the Common in said Lexington to consult what to do, and concluded not to be discovered, nor meddle or make with said Regular Troops (if they should approach) unless they should insult or molest us; and, upon their sudden Approach, I immediately ordered our Militia to disperse, and not to fire:–Immediately said Troops made their appearance and rushed furiously, fired upon, and killed eight of our Party without receiving any Provocation therefor from us.

John Parker.

Did you catch the line”not to make or meddle with said regular troops (if they should approach) unless they should insult or molest us”  What? You are 38 men lined up on the green facing 700 British soldiers and if you are insulted you are ready to fight?   ( After you conveniently put yourselves there)    Yeah, that is me and probably you, We have had enough, been pushed back enough and now, refuse to give another inch. Not one more assault on our rights and freedoms, this is it, take us off the burner we are done.  We are ready to form that thin line on the green , out numbered more than 15 to 1.     You see , we feel oppressed, we feel the tyranny that has been creeping in for decades has finally reached the breaking point and when we feel that way, the  Brits should be frightened, we are feeling emotional.                There are others it seems that are also forming their own lines. Who’s side they are on, I can’t know, but it seems that there are a lot of them and they are listed below. I pulled some examples but there are many others out there. I think that the S is already HTF they just don’t know it yet; And neither do we .

NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 25 (UPI) — Eight suspicious devices found in an abandoned pickup truck in New Orleans Monday contained a chemical compound that could have exploded, city police said.

Investigation continues into explosives at storage facility          Feb 21 2013

WILMINGTON — Two packages detonated by authorities Thursday at a storage facility near Monkey Junction were explosive devices, Sgt. Jerry Brewer of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confirmed about

Officials find C-4 ingredient after UC Davis blast                                    Feb.9 2013

Investigators found explosive materials, including a primary ingredient used in military C-4, after a University of California, Davis, chemistry researcher was injured in an explosion in his apartment last month, prosecutors said.
Yolo County prosecutors said during a hearing Friday that several common explosives were recovered in the apartment of David Snyder, including nitroglycerine, The Sacramento Bee reported ( http://bit.ly/UQ3ZjA).

More explosives found; Yee confirms death threat                                        Feb. 14 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) — On Thursday, Yee confirmed he was the target of a very serious death threat last month. That led to an investigation, search warrant, an arrest and a search at a house on Humbolt Avenue in Santa Clara. Thursday was a long and arduous day with California Highway Patrol investigators searching for what they might find and worrying about explosives they might miss.

Risley faces explosives, child solicitation charges

Risley is accused of committing the offenses on Dec. 21, 2012, alleging that he possessed an explosive compound, multiple separate explosive devices and multiple blasting caps with the intent of committing a felony. The class 1 felony charge carries a sentence of between four and 30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections if he is found guilty.

Explosives found in Aurora home, man arrested                                  Feb.19 2013

AURORA – A bomb squad is on the scene of a house fire in Aurora today morning.

Pipe bombs were found inside the home. The man who lives in the home – later identified as Michael Grover, 55 – was arrested by Aurora Police. Grover is going to be charged with possession of an explosive device.

Woodacre man arrested in Rohnert Park explosives case

Posted:   01/31/2013 08:41:34 AM PST

A Woodacre man whose abandoned truck led police to evacuate a sleepy Rohnert Park street was arrested on suspicion of leaving potentially explosive materials in the vehicle.

Police: Newell man wanted in connection with explosives investigation may be dead

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 1:21 a.m.
Is the Newell man in whose home authorities allegedly found military and industrial explosives in November dead?

Explosives taken from cop car                                                               Jan. 30 2013

No one seems to be safe from crime these days, including police.Earlier this month, a Wilmington police vehicle was broken into while parked near the officer’s Mill Creek Hundred home.Taken from the marked vehicle was a small amount of explosives used by the department’s K-9 Unit to train bomb-sniffing dogs

COLUMBUS, GA – 42-year-old John Mullen pleaded not guilty in Recorder’s Court Friday afternoon to five counts of possession of a dangerous weapon and five counts of possession of a destructive device.

Family of former Marine found with explosives say he is not violent                       Feb. 15 2013

Mullen was arrested Wednesday night after Columbus Police officers found several weapons inside his car, including an automatic gun, gun suppressors, improvised explosive devices and a hand grenade.

Man arrested after explosives found in S. Tulsa apartment                             Jan. 30 2013

Tulsa Police made an arrest after bomb making materials were found in a south Tulsa apartment.
The Tulsa Police Bomb Squad spent hours at the Greens of Bedford Apartments, where they found numerous explosives, some totally built and ready to detonate.
FOX23 News was the first on the scene, as TPD Bomb Squad officers carried out bomb making materials, grenades, guns, high powered rifles and ammunition among other things.
Police arrested 41-year-old Richard Carter around 6:20pm Wednesday. He’s being held on several complaints including manufacturing bombs and explosives

Explosives found at storage site                                                                     Jan. 29 2013

WESTERLY — Explosive material found Monday in a storage unit at Granite Storage on Airport Road was taken off site where it was safely disposed of by emergency personnel.A worker at the storage facility told authorities that he had found an “unknown substance” in plastic bags inside a storage unit, Westerly Fire Chief John Mackay said. The unit was rented by Thomas Valliere.The evidence includes materials that could be used to build explosives, he said. McElligott would not say exactly what was collected other than “a variety of materials” because of the current investigation.

‘Explosives’ Case Sent To State

Feb. 01 2013  STAMFORD, Conn. — Stamford police have sent all evidence collected from a Vine Road home to the state to be processed, Capt. Brian McElligott said Friday morning.The evidence includes materials that could be used to build explosives, he said. McElligott would not say exactly what was collected other than “a variety of materials” because of the current investigation.

Man to trial for grow house and explosives

The grow house was uncovered after Harrell’s Oct. 1, 2012 arrest for allegedly keeping 145 pounds of commercial-grade explosives and a gallon-size bag of marijuana in a locked closet. Police had gone to his residence on Cliff Swallow Court on reports of a domestic disturbance with his live-in girlfriend. Authorities found no cause to arrest Harrell for the disturbance and he was set to leave in a taxi for his parents’ Montara home until the girlfriend asked officers to follow her back inside. She told them Harrell kept a closet locked but she had a key made and grew concerned for her children’s safety once she discovered the contents.Authorities have not said why they think Harrell had the stash but believe he has ties to extremist groups.

Police: Drugs, Weapons, Explosives Found In Franklin Square Home – See more at: /2013/01/30/

FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Police discovered guns, drugs and explosives at a home in Franklin Square after officers arrested two men in connection with an apparent drug deal Tuesday, Nassau County police said. – See more at: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/01/30/police-drugs-weapons-explosives-found-in-franklin-square-home/#sthash.VLYzvgdp.dpuf

Explosives found in man’s home

January 29, 2013

MISHAWAKA — A 41-year-old Mishawaka man was arrested about 10:30 p.m. Saturday and is suspected of resisting an officer, aggravated assault against a police officer, domestic violence and possession of explosives, according to a Mishawaka Police Department arrest report.

Calif. utility worker had machine guns, grenade launcher, explosives, report says                Feb. 01 2013

(CBS) LOS ANGELES – John Hunten, a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employee, was arrested Feb. 1 after police found several machine guns and a grenade launcher in his home, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Police: Aurora man had ‘very powerful’ bombs in home

Posted on: 6:04 am, February 19, 2013

AURORA, Colo. –  An Aurora man is in custody after emergency crews find at least six pipe bombs, and other explosive materials in his home and shed.

55-year-old Michael Grover was arrested on felony charges of possessing explosive devices.


“There is nothing that a fanatic will not do to achieve his goal: the end justifies the use of ANY means. There are some things which those who are not fanatical will refuse to do in defense of their ideals, even at the cost of their lives

They say that survival at ANY price is the be-all and the end-all of existence have in effect capitulated to the fanatics who are unafraid to die. As a morality, this view is contemptible; as a strategy it is unimtelligent. It is morally contemptible because those who endorse it will swallow any infamy in order to live a life unworthy of man. It is unintelligent because the only thing which can restrain fanatics is fear of failure. Even Hitler probably would have kept the peace had he known or feared his aggression meant destruction for his cause. Where fanatics have no fear of failure, the liklihood is that in their insanity they will destroy themselves in fanatical war against other fanatics. In that case, those who have sacrificed integrity for life will have lost their lives, too.”  Sydney Hook

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