The waiting game

Everyone waits.  Time moves like a dripping faucet, every moment suspended temporarily. Waiting , waiting …Drip. We have a lot hanging in the balance. Our lives, our families, our livelihoods, our very freedom.    It is like being on that adrenalin rush in the middle of action; Everything is slowed to a crawl except for you. Objects flying past,  things tipping and rolling,  and you can just step out of the way. You are fluid, given grace that only exists in this world.  Sound is on temporary suspension, you see the flash but don’t really hear the noise. Your ears don’t even ring.    Now we watch, liberty and freedom fleeting. Step by step.  We wonder ; Is this what it was like in Germany or Russia? Events traveling by , out of our control and all we can do is watch; Watch and wait.   The ones who are actually supposed to be in control and can actually do something about it don’t seem to care. All they want to do is politic, not realizing that the time for politicking is past. They talk about things like “Imperial presidency”, they mention “Impeach” but sound is on temporary suspension, their words are meaningless without action. They are as much of the problem as any: All they want is their turn.   So we watch and we wait and we wonder; What if we wait too long?  I don’t have an answer on the time. All I know, is when they show up at your door, you waited too long.

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