Arming for war

Luckily for me, I had a little foresight and bought early and bought often. I was getting cases of 1160 Rds. of  7.62 x 39 delivered for 180 bucks and 1000 Rd. cases of .30 carbine for $110.00.   You could chalk it up to my superior intellect and analytical skills, or my gifted powers of divination, or possibly my acute paranoia, as I have actually been wanting to stock to the level of ammo I have since 1992.  Personally I think it is my superior intellect, but we can argue that later.     Unfortunately many people have not been as lucky as I have been , be it for financial reasons or otherwise. Now they are in a real jam if they want ammo.(Or need ammo,depending on how acute their paranoia is) I know someone in North Carolina who can’t get 5.56 up there so he shopped stores here in Florida. His daughter found him a deal; 1000 Rds. of 5.56 x 45 for $1140.00 plus the cost to ship it up to him. That’s right, $1.14 a Rd. plus shipping. This isn’t some exotic round or .338 Lapua magnum, this is 5.56.   This latest gun rush is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I have seen a few in my time . In ’08 through ’10 the firearms manufacturers were pushed to their production limits and beyond,but a lot of that was pistol sales; People were arming for personal defense. In ’94 when the  federal assault weapons ban or the ” Public safety and recreational firearms use protection act ” was passed, most people were buying junk to mid grade stuff. They were buying a lot of $175.00 to $350.00 AK pattern stuff,  as that was the evil of it’s day; Buy early and buy often.        I knew people who were sitting on 10 to 12 AKs. I knew a LOT of people who were  sitting on 3 to 4.  They were mainly being bought as investments as everyone knew the price was going to go up; Cheap investment on a cool and popular item with a big return. What the hell if you didn’t sell them then you had 3 or 4 AKs to work on. Who could complain about that? { Besides your wife,who gave up the fence around the back yard for that. )     Therein lies the difference; This time around people are dropping anywhere from 2 to 4 grand on tricked out AR15s with Trijicon or Eotech sights, fully battle ready. People are paying $1.14 a Rd. for 5.56 and they can’t keep it on the shelves. This isn’t investment time here. In ’08 through ’10 there were wars and rumors of war…. Wait wrong story… Everyone was nervous, there were rumors of financial collapse, riots, chaos, and personal defense weapons were the rage  In ,94 there were some of us awake to what was going on, but for the most part buying was getting it before it’s banned or investment.     Now it’s different . People are willing to pay big money for top shelf weapons and any kind of ammo. Anything remotely military is sold out, right down to cheap and easy guns like the m98 Mauser, a bolt action accurate as hell rifle over 100 years old. People this time are arming for war. The speak is Molon Labe as opposed to buy it before it’s banned. There is a completely different tenor in the country.You don’t pay $3800.00 for a rifle to have it taken away.  There is an undertone of rebellion building as trucks bring weapons and ammo to households across the nation. We are a nation preparing for war.  We are arming as fast as we can . It’s starting to feel like the build up to Lexington and concord.    All I can say is, “may  providence guide us.”     If you haven’t read your history lately re-read the history of the battles of Lexington and Concord.Even though it is from Wikipedia it is an outstanding article.

2 responses to “Arming for war

  1. I’m in gun-friendly New York 😉 I bought a shotgun for a combination of home protection and food supplementation, if conventional food supply shuts down, there are so many deer here that at least a meat supply is guaranteed. My worry is that the U.S. military will side with the tyrants in charge, if it comes to that, because they will be told that patriots trying to preserve our country are actually insurrectionists. And it’s pretty obvious that no amount of private citizen arming can compete with the U.S. military. And the top level military people are all becoming Obama-minded people, so they couldn’t be counted on to defend the Constitution and stand up for the people. Scary times indeed.

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