Home made 9mm sub-machine gun


Click on the link above BSP-SMG book. This is a fully detailed PDF for a home build 9mm sub-machine gun. It is even simpler than the last set of plans I posted. It is complete with drawings and templates .   This shows the absolute futility of the Democratic gun banning schemes. Want a bigger magazine? Just make it a little longer.  Want to make it legal? Put in a disconnect for the sear to make it semi auto, stamp the receiver and register it with the BATFE.   Please pass these plans around. Ideally the internet would be saturated with so many home made gun plans that the leftist/democrat dream of an all out gun ban would finally be destroyed.  Someone brought it to my attention that the magazine design was missing. I have a previous post with  another model machine pistol. The magazine design is complete on that one and the specs are the same as this one .

18 responses to “Home made 9mm sub-machine gun

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    Home made, hand made!


  2. one of the best ways of components is to give a laser cutting company an item that they cannotot identify and it is for 20-30 of your mates


  3. The Phillip Luty (RIP) design is pretty foolproof.
    Truth be told, I believe just about anyone could make a STEN knockoff almost as easily as they could a Luty design. It really doesn’t take much to make a machinegun. There’s much more work involved in making a semiauto than a full auto.


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    Hey, Obama and all Demonrats! Let’s see impose gun control on Americans. We’ll just make our own. Cheers!



  5. Also, if you make your own firearms, you do not have to register them with the BATFE. You don’t even have to serialize them.

    My .50 BMG was built using the Bill Holmes plans, it is the reason I started blogging to begin with.


  6. Thanks bud.
    Been building my own for a few years now. Haven’t bought a gun in forever.
    Blog post upcoming about my new mini Uzi, in fact.


  7. Beauty, and so freaking anarcho-democratic freely available that it lends more realism to our hopes and dreams….


  8. We should be able to buy guns anonymously like any other product. Having your name on a list just lets them know who to come after before they start filling up the concentration camps.


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    Homemade guns, 3d printed guns, rail guns, coil guns, emp, drones, black powder guns, directed energy weapons… No one is trying to outlaw most of this stuff. Even if they do; all these things can be made at home. Start studying and building.


  10. Fang (just joking)

    Is there anyone in the High desert region of so. Calif who knows how to do this? High desert is the area between Victorville and Yermo on the way to Las Vegas.


  11. i have a ton of files i wana swap/share w others/.. where ya at I WANT A LIBRARY,…


  12. Every should learn to make their own weapons AND learn how to use and store them.


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