Gun control and how we are being played

     Do you ever get the feeling that you are being played? Well you should, because we are.  Like a boxer throwing a feint at you, you react to the jab, pull your head back a little, gloves a little too high. That is when the left hook comes through. That’s when you get to taste canvas ; And taste defeat.    The regime is moving quickly on gun control now, furiously readying their assault on the constitution. Emotion and anger is running higher right now then I have ever seen it before in our nation. Everyone is waiting for the punch. But it is a jab, a feint, setting us up for that left hook.   So what to do?  The only advantage to bring played is when you know you’re being played.   The question now is what’s the play? I think that the regime expects a quick knee jerk reaction, possibly attacks on federal targets and infrastructure;  Maybe some arson, some random shoot ’em up.  They could only pray that some overstressed out of work bastard would finally have enough and hose a bunch  of their minions down with gleefully trained AR15 fire.   This would play directly into their hands. Left hook.    Now they have the justification for what they really want. Total gun control and disarmament of the citizenry.    Now comes the important part.  The leftists (Democrats) have their own revolution in the works. Take occupy Wall street for  example being guided and  funded by the UAW , SEIU , and groups with ties to the White house. (This material is heavily sourced elsewhere, or try Occupy unmasked.) They have not gone away, they have gone underground where they are being organized.  Supposed  former communist  Van Jones founded  “Rebuild the dream” with help from  both leftist, Proglydyte  organizations that support the movement.   I think that they are gathering their useful idiots  for their ultimate goal; Revolution.
  There is one problem though and that is that we are still armed. Thus the jab.  What the regime doesn’t expect is unified, organized long term resistance. If they get their knee jerk and that’s all it is they will quickly move to stamp out small pockets of resistors and start the mass arrest of all gun owners who don’t comply.   Think before you leap. We are in this for the long term.   It has already started, they just don’t know it yet.

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  1. I’m looking for anything witty or insightful on this site, so far nothing I will give it a few more days.


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