The truth about the gun grab

Many people today are waiting , wondering where and when the fight starts.Waiting for that shot to be fired so they can act. In their minds they conjure up a battle against some dark federal leviathan that sweeps through their Gothamesque city , black clad and menacing in futuristic uniforms.   The truth is that the enemy and the fight is actually a lot closer to home. They are not nameless or faceless. The enemy makes some uncomfortable because they are not storm troopers armed to the teeth ,moving in huddled groups through the dark of night. Instead they live two doors down from you. They are the person you see walking their dog every day. They are the person who teaches your fourth grade child.  They wear the face of just a regular person. They are Democrats and they are the real enemy and driving force behind all anti gun legislation. The source for the upcoming gun grab is solely the responsibility of the Democrat party and the Democrat voter. The voters  either heartily or tacitly support their parties goals ; Otherwise they wouldn’t be voting for them.   We are preparing to fight a fight without truly identifying who the enemy is. If DHS, TSA or some other federal agency shows up in your town to seize firearms it will be under the directions of Democrats. The person you see walking their dog everyday? They will point you out as a gun owner if they know. That schoolteacher? They will question your 4th grader to find out if you have guns.   Enemies are easier to fight if they are nameless and faceless; Non persons stripped of identity and humanity. That is why in war we have Gooks, Krauts, Chinks and such. It make them easier to kill and still sleep at night . They don’t have fathers or mothers or families to mourn them because they are just Gooks.    It is time to take a hard look at the real enemy and decide what to do.    Maybe we can come up with a cool name for them so we can sleep better at night.

11 responses to “The truth about the gun grab

  1. DemocRAT works for me. Call a Spade a Spade.!!!!


    • Bongo Twocanchoo

      I prefer “Dookie” , a melding of Democrat+kookie, plus it conjours up the image of something smelly that eminates from the rear end of a dog…


  2. The name they will go by? The Mob. Not the organized crime mob… but the out of control mob that will be overrunning whole cities after the hyper inflation kicks in and all those ebt cards wont work no more!


  3. MarcusOHreallyUS

    I have a name “Demsheviks”.


  4. Progressives (communists).
    It’s ‘for the children’, ya know!


  5. Your article gets right to the heart of the matter. I like to call them Morlocks, those underground creatures that live off of the producers above ground.


  6. How about ‘BoFeds’ (Bottom Feeders)


  7. How bout just plain zombies.


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